Hi. I'm Arcadia, the designer, maker and brains behind Arcadia Scott Ceramics. I'm a full time potter working from my home studio in Woodend, Victoria. Every piece I create is completely unique and I enjoy creating clean forms, curved edges and surface textures.

I create both hand built and wheel thrown pieces and aim to creates items that are functional, tactile and expressive. My work can be found in a limited number of stockists, here at my website and also at the various design markets across Australia. 

Arcadia Scott & Tish

Interview with Arcadia Scott - August 2019

What got you started in ceramics?

It all started back in late 2015 when I signed up for a six week beginner's ceramics class. I was craving a creative outlet at the time and always loved ceramics so I thought it would be a great hobby. Who knew 18 months later that it would be my full time job and my own business?!

Where you create and why?

I started my practise in my home studio in Brunswick, Victoria for the very practical reason of keeping costs manageable and is convenient. In January 2020 I moved into a shared studio space in Coburg.

There are many steps involved to working with clay that requires constant monitoring. For example, if the pieces dry too quickly it can warp or you're restricted in your ability to carve/shape them.

The pottery wheel is set up in the lounge room (I am a creature of comfort!), the spare room holds most of the drying and ready to glaze pieces and the kiln is in the garden shed.

Working from a home studio also means I can spend more time with my dog Tish (aka "the CEO"!).

How long have you been in business?

September 2019 marks my two year anniversary of self employment! Tish and I are planning a little party.

What special projects have you worked on?

I have been really fortunate to collaborate on some really diverse projects

  • King & Wood Mallesons - Custom travel cups
  • Australian Museum Travel Cup for their Tohora— Discover The Giants of the Ocean Exhibition
  • The Boroughs Neighbourhood & Melbourne 4 Seasons Travel Cups— Celebrating all things Brunswick and supporting the local connections. Artworks by Molly Rose Dyson and Ruby MacKinnon
  • Waringarri Arts Centre Travel Cups with the artwork of Dora Griffiths, Ben Ward and Minnie Lumai

Have you had any challenges along the way?

I've loved the business journey so far but also feel like there have been many challenges along the way— with many more to come I am sure!

Being self taught there is a constant feed of learning from mistakes which means you need to adapt and change processes regularly.

The last 12 months I have been plagued with investing in a faulty kiln - which impacted me from both a financial and creative perspective. I'm pleased to finally have a new kiln on the way, so looking forward to 2020 being more productive and less stressful!

What have been the highlights of your journey so far? 

Whilst I've met many lovely people and created so much work I'm proud of, the real highlight for me is that I'm still in business and can still pay the mortgage, live and keep Tish in dog food and treats! 

What inspires you creatively?

A love of surface textures inspired by mother nature. Clay is such a tactile medium so naturally I want to enhance that so that people cant help but want to hold a piece in their hands.

Any new projects are you working on?

I'm working on some exciting collaborative opportunities behind the scenes and working hard on developing new and interesting work for the upcoming summer market season.

Where can people buy Arcadia Scott Ceramics?

The design markets I attend several times each year give you the best opportunity to see my full range with a more curated range listed in my online shop. Also a visit to my stockists but I'd suggest you contact them to check availability first.


Thanks to Samee Lapham for most of these fabulous photos.