Why I participate in markets

Whilst you can buy my work from me direct online, and via several special stockists, several times a year you'll also find me at markets like Big Design, Finders Keepers and Thee Made Clay.

I travel to both Sydney and Melbourne to take part - and my trusty CEO Tishie has a mini break hanging with one of her trusty dog sitters.

I won't lie, markets are a huge amount of work - not just making enough pieces but setting it all up (clay pieces are heavy, friends!) and then being on your feet for days at a time. It's hugely physically demanding.

But I do love it! I'm someone who spend a lot of time alone, creating, and that usually suits me. At markets, though, for two or three days at a time, I shake off my solitary life and gain so much.

I get to meet so many people who love my work - and that's good for the soul. Happily many lovely people also buy my work - and that's good for my mortgage! And I get to connect with many other makers who understand what it is to have a hand made practice and business. 

So you'll find me at markets every year. Please come and peruse my work, and say hello. It really does put a giant smile on my face.